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UV Light Accessories

Light meters and other accessories for use with our UV-A lamps

Light Meters

This line of non-destructive testing light meters will help you check and measure the levels of UV-A black light and visible white light as part of regular NDT testing system performance checks to ensure inspection quality and reliability.

Magnaflux Product Description Part number
UV-A Black Light Meter

UV-A Light Meter measures UV-A Light Irradiance. It is a compact, rugged, easy to operate, digital radiometer for measuring and calibrating UV-A black light sources used in fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections for non-destructive testing.

Visible Light Meter Visible Light Meter accurately measures visible light in either foot-candles or lux, and includes a permanently affixed visible light sensor specially constructed to measure visible white light in the range of 400-760 nm for non-destructive testing. F05096


UV Observing Safety Glasses

Designed to eliminate long wave UV(A), our glasses will protect your eyes during long periods of testing under UV lighting. They also help to reduce eye fatigue and provide an optimum contrast in viewing.

Ordering Information

UV-A Black Light MeterF05092

Visible Light MeterF05096

UV Observing Safety GlassesF05100

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

Required EquipmentUV light source

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    EV6000 portable, hand-held LED UV lamp for black light inspection during fluorescent PT or MT non-destructive testing.

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