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Steady Rests and Contact Pads

Steady Rests and Contact Pads

Magnaflux Product Description Part Number
Rail-Mounted Roller-Type Steady-Rest Mounts and moves on rails to accommodate various part lengths with adjustable height. Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units. Weight capacity up to 1,500lbs (630kg). 1857
Headstock-Mounted Roller-Type Steady-Rest Mounts on headstock to support one end of the part (Use rail-mounted steady-rest to support other end).Speeds up part loading as coil may be retracted past headstock.Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units. 605750
Tailstock Steady-Rest Mounts directly onto the tailstock shelf. Designed to work with either headstock or rail-mounted steady-rests. 621658
Contact Block Allows remote testing of parts that are too heavy or too large for inspecting on a test bench. When clamped between head and tail stock, the contact block supplies magnetising current to remote prods or clamps through flexible cable (not included). 1830
CU Braided Contact Pad for Bench Unit Our long-lasting contact pads and plates prevent arc burn by maintaining proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads. F05009
CU Braided Contact Pads for AD-12020D F05010
Lead Contact Plate F05041

Product Properties

NDT TypeMagnetic Particle Testing


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