ZL-37 PE

Level 4 Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant

Essential for critical component applications, ultra-high sensitivity ZL-37 PE post-emulsifiable penetrant is designed for detecting fine, tight discontinuities in safety-critical components, such as titanium turbine components, and in high-stress parts, such as investment castings. This Type 1 penetrant is non-water-soluble so there is minimal risk of washing ZL-37 PE penetrant from a fine or shallow defect which makes this penetrant inspection the most reliable, dependable form of PT testing. ZL-37 PE has a high flash point and provides long tank life when used in open dip tanks, but this penetrant can also be applied in a variety of other ways, including electrostatic spray. ZL-37 PE can be removed with ZE-4B Method B lipophilic emulsifier or ZR-10B Method D hydrophilic emulsifier.

Ordering Information

5 gallonsF02020

1 litreF02027

20 litresF02025

205 litresF02012

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Penetrant Testing

Penetrant TypeType 1

Fluorescent Penetrant SensitivityLevel 4 - Ultra-High Sensitivity

Penetrant MethodsMethod B, Method C, Method D

Removal TypePost Emulsifiable

Required EquipmentUV light source


Ideal ApplicationAluminum, Detecting fine to very-fine discontinuities, Electrostatic spray, Finding wide, shallow flaws, High-stress parts, Immersion dip tank, Investment castings, Non-porous surfaces, Precision components, Safety-critical components, Smooth, machined surface finish, Titanium, Turbine engine blades, disks, etc.

Defect ExamplesFinished surface cracks, Porosity, Scratches, Seams

Compliance Title

StandardsAECL, AMS 2644, ASME BPVC, ASTM E1417, Boeing BAC 5423 PSD 6-46 or 8-4, Boeing PS-21202


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