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Test Pieces

Test Pieces

These test pieces for liquid penetrant inspection will help you maintain your PT testing process by verifying penetrant sensitivity and performance. Use to check for penetrant deterioration, to compare different penetrants or to verify sensitivity or visibility.
Magnaflux Product Description Part Number
Aluminium Test Block

Use this test block to check the strength of in-use penetrants, by processing one half of the block with used penetrant, and the other half with fresh penetrant.

76 x 51 x 9.5 mm with a 3.2 mm wide groove that divides the face of the block in half.

Complies with ASTM E165 and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code.

TAM Crack Comparator

Use our TAM crack comparator to measure the actual size of indications identified during the LPI inspection process.

Measures in increments of 0.010" to 0.180" (0.2 mm to 4.6 mm).

Meets Pratt & Whitney requirements (P&W Reference – TAM 135273).

Ni-Cr Test Panels

NiCr Test Panels are ideal comparators to test penetrant sensitivity; use them to compare in-use penetrant against fresh unused product to determine if the penetrant is performing properly.

Dimensions: length 100mm ± 2mm, width 35mm ± 2mm, thickness 2mm ± 0.2mm

506254 (one pair of 50 micron panels)
TAM Panel / Z5 Test Panel

The Magnaflux TAM Panel monitors both the sensitivity and washability of our Zyglo liquid penetrants and detects any sudden changes in the processing system.

Meets Pratt & Whitney TAM #146040 specifications.


Ordering Information

Aluminium Test BlockD03015

TAM Crack ComparatorD03026

One pair of 50 micron Ni-Cr test panels)506254

TAM Panel / Z5 Test PanelD03014

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Penetrant Testing, Visible Penetrant Testing


Ideal ApplicationCompare different penetrants, Use to check for penetrant deterioration, Verify sensitivity or visibility


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